Who is Derean?

A lover. A friend. A child-like spirit, perfectly mixed with an old soul.

At 24 years young, the hopeful romantic in me is fulfilled by capturing the essence of love between a man and a woman. Although I lean in favor of capturing love and all its romantic atmospheres, I enjoy just the feel of the camera in my hands.

I am what I create; I passionately put my all into every portion of my art.

Growing up in Nassau, Bahamas, I was exposed to paradise and have developed an appreciation for the most exquisite backdrop that nature provides each photograph.

This site will consist of photos, videos and blog posts promoting healthy relationships with ourselves and with others.

With quality time being my love language, when I'm not creating, I can be seen spending time with my family and dear friends, more than likely eating and laughing at memes.

I love the Lord, because without Him, I am nothing.

Thank you for your time. I look forward to serving as your photographer, motivational speaker or creative consultant soon.

With Love,


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