An Unexpected Blessing

Being young parents is not an easy task, but Jasmine & Josh decided that they would do their very best despite feelings of fear and inadequacy due to being first time parents. I was honored to take these beautiful family photos of Jasmine, Josh & Jr. Here is their story.

Jasmine & Josh had been dating for a few years when they found out they were expecting a baby. You could only imagine the fear, worry and anxiety that they felt thinking about being young parents. Overwhelmed with an array of emotions they thought of what they should do because they didn’t think they were ready to take care of a baby.

“When I found out, I hit a very low point in my life emotionally. I wasn't prepared for a baby and my fiancee and I decided it'd be best to not see it through."

Many times as children of God, we think that we are not capable of handling situations so we think about not going through with it (the job, the marriage, college etc), but when we decide to handle them with God's help, we can too experience an unexpected blessing. 

Jasmine says that like any other couple, Josh and her have their ups and downs, but they work through this newfound joy as parents together. 

"My fiancee and I are overjoyed with our little man! He's beyond smart, handsome, and the sweetest little boy with the biggest personality!! God always knows what He's doing, even when you don't always understand it!"

"Nothing worth doing comes easy! I absolutely love and adore my little family!"

I'm so glad that Jr. brings so much happiness to the lives of his parents. A special thank you to Jasmine, Josh + Jr. for allowing me the pleasure of capturing your memories. I am praying that you continue to be great parents so that one day Jr. will have his own family to lead, love and care for.

Derean Maycock