High School Sweethearts - Kam + Coda

Kam & Coda met as seniors in high school, where their attraction for each other intensified May during their senior year. Sonic would be one of their go to places as well as football games. They loved to spend time together.

"I remember one time when I really realized I liked him. We danced in my front yard that night and I was in flip flops and sweatpants and it was the most fun thing!" 

We were in constant contact while planning for this breathtaking and effortless session. We decided to have the session at the Wild Rose Place in Ada, Oklahoma. This is where they will be getting married so it has sentimental value and it made the pictures that much more special. As I captured memories where their wedding ceremony will be taking place, I felt the love. I felt their contagious and overwhelmingly beautiful love for each other. Kam and Coda are a couple who are not just lovers, but friends and it was evident as they were joking around and just being themselves the entire session....and I couldn't ask for anything more. They were perfect because they were themselves!

One of the beautiful aspects of being high school sweethearts is growing together and learning so much of each other, while you learn so much of yourself. 

"We knew we wanted to get married in college because these are some of the toughest and most fun times of our lives and we want to spend it together."

I was honored to capture these precious memories of Kam & Coda and I am praying for a lifetime of love, friendship and happiness for these two. May God bless you as you serve each other in love.

Derean MaycockComment