February 3, 2020

Herman Park Couple Session - Houston, TX

Dear Derean Couples, 2020

Jayna + Malik

Jayna + Malik's harmony as a couple was undeniably in sync. They smiled at the same time and "smized" at the same time, without any direction from me. I intentionally did not give direction on whether to smile or not, to see if this would last the entire session and it did!

Worried About Weather

The morning of the session, they were a little concerned because Houston's weather is very unpredictable and it was incredibly cloudy that day. I assured them that I've had sessions with different weather conditions and I was sure that we would get beautiful photos and that we did! We got there and it was C O L D. Okay, 50 degrees was cold for a bunch of Bahamians, but you get the point. For the beginning of the session, Jayna had her jacket on and would take it off whenever we took short breaks to move to another location. You can't even tell by the photos that she was cold because these came out hot and I am so happy that they were withstanding the weather together. To my first couple of the new year and the new decade, I say thank you.

Dear Jayna + Malik,

Thank you for the pleasure of allowing me to photograph you. I appreciate you gracing my lens with your undeniable chemistry. You both made my job so effortless. I am looking forward to serving as your photographer again in the future.

With Love,